This year, for the first time, the Altmark Business Prize will also be awarded in the category "Start-up". The overview of all categories:

"Manufacturing" I "Handicraft" I "Agriculture" I "Start-up" I "Services & Tourism" I

These 5 categories are intended to focus on the structurally broad spectrum of the Altmark economy. The previous coexistence of business award and business start-up award is thus replaced in the sense of a uniform external presentation.

With the award, the sponsors would like to honor those companies in the Altmark that shape the image of this economic region with their products and services, with economic competence, creativity and inventiveness and work to ensure that the Altmark continues to develop as a competitive and attractive living and economic region in the future.

Die Preisverleihung wird mit einer feierlichen Gala-Abendveranstaltung, zu der alle Unternehmer, die ein Bewerbung einreichen, eingeladen sind, am Freitag, den 18. November 2022 in Winterfeld stattfinden.

At the announcement of the "Altmark 2022 Business Award", District Administrator Michael Ziche (Altmarkkreis Salzwedel) and District Administrator Patrick Puhlmann (Landkreis Stendal) expressed their appreciation for the commitment and creativity of Altmark companies and called for the competition to be used again this year to give their own companies and employees the honor and appreciation they deserve.

Prize money & application

The "Altmark Business Award" is endowed with a winner's package worth 3,000 euros in each category - this includes prize money of 2,500 euros and an ART communication package worth 500 euros.

The application is very simple: The application documents can be filled out in the writable form directly on the PC. The application must be submitted in writing by September 25, 2022 to the Altmärkischer Regionalmarketing- und Tourismusverband, Marktstraße 13, 39590 Tangermünde or by e-mail to management(at)


Application documents (Download as PDF)

Ihre Ansprechpartner für Fragen zur Bewerbung

Altmarkkreis Salzwedel
Amt für Kreisentwicklung | Büro des Landrates
Sylvia Stummer (Mitarbeiterin Wirtschaftsförderung)
Tel.: 03901 840823 | Fax 03901 840208
E-Mail: sylvia.stummer(at)
Volker Lahmann (Gründungsberater)
Tel.: 03901 840823 | Fax 03901 840840
E-Mail: volker.lahmann(at)

Landkreis Stendal
Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung & Projektmanagement
Kathrin Fischer (Mitarbeiterin Wirtschaftsförderung)
Tel.: 03931 607880 | Fax 03931 607888
E-Mail: kathrin.fischer(at)

IGZ BIC Altmark GmbH
Sabine Falk (Gründungsberaterin)
Tel.: 03931 681410 | Fax 03931 681443
E-Mail: sabine.falk(at)

Ihr Kontakt zur Einreichung der Bewerbungsunterlagen/Koordination Wirtschaftspreis

Altmärkischer Regionalmarketing- & Tourismusverband
Stephanie Walter (Projektmanagerin Regionalentwicklung)
Marktstraße 13
39590 Tangermünde
Tel.: 039322 726014 | Fax 039322 726029
E-Mail: management(at)

Altmark Business Award - a worthwhile application

Further information on the award, application and reviews of award ceremonies is available at