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Dear Diesdorfers,

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, everyday life is currently severely restricted. Especially for elderly people and people with health problems, even the most necessary actions such as grocery shopping are associated with a high risk. We would also like to make a contribution in our community and support all people in Diesdorf who currently belong to the »Corona risk group« and are thus prevented from doing everyday errands. We would like to offer to go shopping for these people.

If you belong to a risk group and would like to use our shopping service, please call one of the following numbers (if one number should be unavailable in the meantime, just try the other one): 03902 939 91 00 or 0170 406 61 97 We will be happy to take your shopping requests by phone and make an appointment for delivery directly or after consultation with the buyers. 

During the shopping process, our shoppers will of course follow current hygiene recommendations. Please pass on our offer to many people so that it reaches as many affected people as possible.

Kind regards
Your DLRG Diesdorf

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DLRG Ortsgruppe Diesdorf e.V
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Tel. 03902 9399100 oder 0170 4066197