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Enjoy quality of life and make a career

Skilled workers are in great demand in the Altmark. Companies in the Altmark region are striving to find, retain and further develop the best young staff and brightest specialists to be able to survive in the competitive environment. The range of different courses of study and further academic training on offer, for example, by the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences also ensures qualified specialists. There are many exciting companies with new ideas looking for well-trained and motivated employees, especially in industries such as handicraft, gastronomy and agriculture. Other important industries in the region are the food industry, automotive and mechanical engineering and the processing of renewable raw materials. You will find a wide range of career opportunities here.

Pupils, students, trainees and skilled workers get the opportunity to inform themselves about their professional future and prospects in the Altmark region on

Perhaps you would like to start your own business. In return, the Altmark offers you a unique location in Germany with the neighbouring conurbations of Berlin, Hamburg and Hanover, affordable rents and plenty of room for ideas. They also provide new, attractive jobs. Support for your start-up project can be found, for example, at the BIC Altmark. The expansion of the infrastructure, especially with the A14 motorway and the broadband expansion of the Internet, will create new occupations and jobs in the coming years.