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Experience green history!

Many parks and gardens in the Altmark offer their visitors beautiful experiences. For example, guests can follow the walk in the Döbbelin park with a visit to the Döbbelin castle, talk shop in the Diesdorf open-air museum in the old farm garden, marvel at the 400-year-old box hedge in Krumker Park, walk in Schönhausen park where Otto von Bismarck once strolled or find one of the Altmark's oldest tree populations in Schönfeld.

Garden Dreams

The Garden Dreams parks in Saxony-Anhalt are attractive tourist destinations. They invite you to walk, while away the hours and discover the historic castles and manor houses that surround them.


Luftaufnahme Krumke, Osterburg

Various videos about the Garden Dreams parks in Saxony-Anhalt can be found on the Garden Dreams homepage.

Take a stroll through the Garden Dreams parks with your eyes!

Through the project "Garden Dreams 360 degrees" you can enjoy almost all of the 50 garden dreams parks of Saxony-Anhalt from home in a panoramic view. In some pictures there are one or the other surprise. Tip: Turn on the sound and be curious! The project "Garden Dreams 360 degrees" was supported by the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

All panoramas can be found here: or by clicking on the respective name below.

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Visit our private parks and gardens too

Private parks & gardens open their gates

The gARTenakademie Saxony-Anhalt offers further education and training courses on the subject of gardens. Various picturesque show gardens also await visitors.

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