Tourist Information of the Hanseatic City of Stendal

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Hanseatic town Tangermünde

Tangermünde, the Hanseatic town and secondary residence of Emperor Charles IV, still preserves its ancient townscape with numerous half-timbered houses, the old fortifications and the gates. Especially the castle tower is a landmark of the brick building. But also the town hall, the Neustädter Tor and the St. Stphans church belong to the brick Gothic.


Tangermünde Tourism Office

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39590 Tangermünde
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Hanseatic town Stendal

Stendal developed into a busy Hanseatic town in the 14th & 15th centuries. At the same time the characteristic brick buildings, such as the music forum Katharinenkirche, the town hall, the Tangermünder- as well as the Uenglinger Tor were built. The Uenglinger Tor is one of the architecturally most special, if not the most special city gate of the North German brick Gothic.


Feature of brick Gothic

The typical feature is the brick, which is mostly red shining. However, it can also appear yellow, be glazed green or black. Some buildings were also painted white or red, as well as the joints were repainted white, so that the buildings present a flawless and even image. Another distinguishing feature is pointed window and door openings.

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In the Altmark region, Stendal and Tangermünde are part of the Brick Gothic Route.