Horse riding

The greatest happiness on earth…

Horse riding through untouched nature, through quiet forests, across wide meadows and blooming floodplains – this will get the pulse of every horse lover racing. Sandy, wide-open paths make every ride a pleasure. A horse-friendly region awaits you with hospitable accommodation, top-class events, many riding halls and wonderful nature. For every age, every wallet, every need.

From the taster weekend with the first cautious riding lessons to rides lasting several days, from the horse-drawn carriage ride with typical Altmark carthorses to the romantic covered wagon tour along the Elbe. And if you want, you can see that the Altmark also has quality to offer in horse breeding for yourself at stallion parades, foal or mare shows. The Reiterhof Dammkrug Güsselfeld or the Reit- und Sportverein "Ferdinand von Schill" e.V. in Tangermünde, among others, offer a wide range of holiday programs for children.

Many of the 40 riding stables in our region are members of the "Sternreiten in der Altmark" association. It has rendered great services to creating the extensive network of bridle paths. Here you will find all the information you need for horse riding in the Altmark, including a host directory for horses and riders. The association also offers trail rides through the region lasting several days, including tours from castle to castle.

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