Water sports

Adventures around the water

Dive into the Arendsee during a taster course for beginners at the local diving club. Altmark guests can even be a captain on the Elbe and Havel, if you rent your own houseboat in Havelberg. Or enjoy a cool swim in one of the numerous bathing waters or swimming pools in our region.

We have put together numerous offers for our guests under the motto "natural spectacles" and "adventures" on the water. In the stork village of Wahrenberg, for example, you can go on an excursion to the 24 stork nests, watch a woodcarver at work or learn to drum on African instruments on the Elbe dyke.

If you want to be a bit more sporty, you can combine a canoe trip with a bike trip from Werben. And in KiEZ Arendsee, a hike around the charming lake, a visit to the whitefish fishermen, water treading and a hike through the dew revive your spirits.
On the other hand, it is more adventurous to roam the Elbe floodplains in a covered wagon, like in the Wild West, and enjoy a hearty picnic around the campfire. Or you can set off on an insect safari with the children and learn about the life of the smallest natural wonders.

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Here you will find selected water sports offers

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