Picturesque on the steep bank of the river Elbe

Arneburg is a picturesquely situated small town on the steep bank of the Elbe. It is located on a plateau of the same name on the adjacent Elbe valley. The center of the town is formed by the Old Market with its attraction, the "Fishermen's Fountain" and its imposing half-timbered houses, including the town hall with historic Art Nouveau motifs. The terrain of the town rises imperceptibly to the east until it ends in a precipitous drop to the Elbe, the "Över". From its height, the visitor can look far into the Elbe valley, which is structured in many ways. In addition to the castle hill with medieval wall remains and early medieval ramparts, a nature trail as well as the well-known stairways to the castle hill and "Eselsloch" (donkey hole) invite to long walks. The local history museum offers the visitor an insight into the historical background of the town and provides information about the most important building, the town church "St.Georg", with its baroque altar, to those who are thirsty for knowledge. A visit to our small friendly town in the green, a place to feel good in peaceful beauty is always worthwhile.


Town Church St. George

The town church of St. George is the main church of the town of Arneburg (Saxony-Anhalt). The Romanesque building is said to be the oldest church in the Altmark. The construction period is assumed to be the first half of the 12th century. Foundation walls of a previous building were included in the new construction. The fieldstone walls of this church are up to 1.3 meters thick. The four-part ground plan shows a west tower that is wider than the adjoining nave. A transept and a choir without apse adjoin to the east. The choir deviates in its longitudinal axis from the axis of the nave. This is due to the use of parts of the previous building.

The interior of the church was completely destroyed by fire in 1767. The reconstruction was completed in 1774. In 1868, a bell house made of bricks was added to the tower and the west portal, which followed Gothic models, was broken into the tower structure. At the same time, the furnishings were largely renewed.

Between 1979 and 1985 the interior of the church was again remodeled. The pews in the crossing were removed and a simple altar table was placed here. Two bricked-up choir windows were reopened. The old altar was removed. The baroque altar and pulpit that are now in place come from the chapel of the former Heiliggeist Hospital in Quedlinburg.

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