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Bismark is also known far beyond the borders of the Altmark, on the one hand because of the famous noble family of the Bismarcks and on the other hand because of its cattle auctions. In modern times, agriculture and handicrafts characterize the economy of the region around Bismark. In the Middle Ages Bismark was a place of pilgrimage. The landmark, the "Golden Louse", the tower of the former pilgrimage church, is the only witness of this time. Today, the town church, which is visible from afar and was built in the 1st half of the 12th century, is the oldest preserved building in the town. The town hall on the market square is worth a visit. With a historical wedding exhibition and an interesting chronicle about the town's child, the composer W. Lüdecke, the visitor is given a varied insight into the town's history. Tourist attractions in Bismark: natural swimming pool at the Kolk and the caravan site at the Kolk.

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