17 districts with a long history

The Altmärkische church village Dähre is located 18 kilometers southeast of the county seat Salzwedel on the Salzwedeler Dumme. The new municipality of Dähre was formed on 01.01.2009 and consists of seventeen districts.

The village of Dähre is one of the oldest settlements in the Altmark. Already in 1220 Dähre was the seat of a provostry, which indicates the historical importance of the settlement. The lowlands of the Dumme River and its tributaries form the tranquil Altmark landscape of the municipality of Dähre and its districts. The tranquil old-Market meadow and forest landscape is interrupted by tilled areas that promise a good yield. Especially the northern parts of the municipality Lagendorf and Dahrendorf captivate by the gentle hilly landscape. Here you can find recreation on the numerous bicycle paths. On warm summer days the forest bath Dähre invites you to relax. On the campground next to it you can set up camp in beautiful nature.


Our municipality consists of 17 districts since the territorial reform of 2009.

To the municipality Dähre belong the districts Bonese, Dähre, Dahrendorf, Eickhorst, Fahrendorf, Hohendolsleben, Holzhausen, Kleistau, Kortenbeck, Lagendorf, Markau, Rustenbeck, Schmölau, Siedendolsleben, Wendischhorst, Wiewohl and Winkelstedt.

Waldbad und Campingplatz in Dähre

Dähre im "Magazin Land l Leute l Lebensraum"