Hanseatic city of Havelberg

Cathedral and island city with history

The more than 1,000-year-old island city is more than inviting: Situated on the glacial ridge on the Havel and Elbe rivers, St. Mary's Cathedral towers above, while the old town with its medieval structure and the expanse of the river lowlands stretch out below.  
It's no wonder, then, that the cathedral ranks at the top of the list of sightseeing attractions simply because of its charming location: consecrated in 1170 as a Romanesque basilica, today the cathedral stands on the Romanesque Road and houses one of the few completely preserved monastery complexes of the Middle Ages in northern Germany.  

Here everything is on and in the flow!

Once the seat of a bishopric, the Hanseatic city continues to develop today. It's the mixture that makes the difference, and so the historic, state-recognized resort offers a variety of experiences: for example, the legendary Amber Room changed hands here in 1716. At the 2015 Federal Horticultural Show, seas of flowers bloomed colorfully amid historic sacred buildings. Not to mention the picturesque landscape, which is both invigorating and decelerating on foot, by bike, boat or horseback: starting with the water tourism center with marina, adventure pool, House of Rivers, adventure playground Slawendorf, Prignitz Museum, to the bike path hub with Elbe Cycle Path and Havelland Cycle Path.

Havelberg Kanu vor Dom

The "cradle of Prignitz", historically rooted in Brandenburg and today part of Saxony-Anhalt, simply whets the appetite for more: whether as a scenic eye-catcher, an attractive recreational creator or a cultural site with exhibitions. The traditional festivals are also popular and sometimes known beyond the region. Like the Havelberg Horse Market, which welcomes more than 200,000 guests to the cathedral city with charm at the beginning of September.   

The Hanseatic city of Havelberg - brimming with history(s) and all-around feel-good! 

Havelberg Pferdemarkt 2014
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850 years Havelberger Dom

2020 - A special anniversary year

On August 16, 1170, Havelberg Cathedral was consecrated by Bishop Wichmann of Magdeburg. At that time it was designed as a simple basilica, the walls were built with Gommern quartzite stones. A flat wooden ceiling spanned the three longitudinal naves of this basilica with east and west transepts. There was no transept, the chancel was visually separated from the nave by a triumphal arch, and the chancel closed off with a semicircular apse. Many elements from the Romanesque period are still recognizable in today's layout.

A large number of events had to be postponed to the coming year - the festive service for the cathedral's anniversary took place in a smaller form on August 16, 2020. More impressions and information can be found here.

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Sights in Havelberg (selection)

  • Adventure playground Slavic village
  • Burggrafenstein (Monument)
  • Dechanei garden
  • St. Marien Cathedral (Romanesque Road; medieval sacral building)
  • Domkurie 'D8' (with library, gallery, regional store, café and Italian garden: read an interview with Ute Schröder here)
  • Cemetery of honor at the Platz des Friedens
  • Havelberg adventure pool
  • Galleries "Lange Str. 1 & Lange Str. 36
  • House of Rivers (NATURA 2000 information center; Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve)
  • Hospital Chapel St. Spiritus (the beguinage with sandstone relief is considered the oldest building on the salt market; medieval sacral building) 
  • KunstQuartier ArtHotel Kiebitzberg® (read an interview with Renate and Andreas Lewerken)
  • Memorial "Am Camps 
  • Nature trail and exhibition in the forester's lodge "Native Flora & Fauna
  • Water gauge house from 1901
  • Peony garden
  • Prignitz Museum at the Cathedral
  • Town hall gallery
  • Ring wall of the cathedral area
  • Havelberg tow lock
  • School museum in the ELCH
  • St. Anne's Chapel (medieval sacral building)
  • Town church St. Laurentius (medieval sacral building; oldest building on the town island)
  • Water tower (architectural monument)
  • Havelberg marina (Blue Ribbon)

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