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»Versatile and diverse« - this is the best way to describe the municipality of Seehausen (Altmark). As the northernmost municipality in the district of Stendal, where the Elbe forms the border to the state of Brandenburg and the Green Belt today connects the district of Stendal with the Wendland region of Lower Saxony, the municipality of Seehausen (Altmark) scores above all with its varied nature, but also with lively town and village life, architectural and cultural diversity and an intact (social) infrastructure.

Living and housing in Seehausen

There are the many small villages in the midst of green meadows and fields along the Elbe and Aland, the hills of the Altmärkische Höhe and enthroned above all St. Petri, the town church of the Hanseatic town of Seehausen (Altmark), which greets visitors from all directions from afar and indicates the great economic importance of Seehausen during the time of the Hanseatic League.

10 kindergartens, 2 elementary schools and a community school form the foundation for a good education of children and young people. In addition to several general practitioners and specialists, a hospital ensures medical care.

Seehausen Grosse Bruederstrasse Altstadt

Work & Business in Seehausen

Today, the regional economy is characterized primarily by small and medium-sized commercial and craft enterprises, retail trade and agricultural businesses. In the area of agricultural product production, more and more farmers are relying on direct marketing via farm stores and stalls at weekly markets, but sales in other local stores with the help of sales displays and online are also increasing. With the intersection of the federal highways 189 and 190, an important traffic junction of the region is located in the association municipality of Seehausen (Altmark). The municipality is also connected to the rail network via two train stops. The A14 federal highway also crosses the municipality from south to north.

Seehausen Bundesstrasse

Leisure activities

In the last 5 to 10 years, active tourism has increased and with it the offers for leisure activities on the water and on the land. Whether guided canoe and boat tours on the Aland and Elbe or by bike, on foot and with horses; the municipality of Seehausen (Altmark) can be discovered in many different ways and thus offers plenty of opportunities for a short break from everyday life.

Gefuehrte Kanutour auf Biese und Aland

Cultural offers in Seehausen

Something is happening in the villages and in the city. Associations enliven the lives of the people in the region and thus support village cohesion. Whether festivals, markets, exhibitions, theater performances or concerts - there is always something going on.

Gemeinde Aland Muehle in Wanzer

Photos in the gallery:
Großsteingräber in the municipality Altmärkische Höhe/Bretsch, church Lichterfelde in the municipality Altmärkische Wische and border tower Bömenzien in the municipality Zehrental.

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