Tangerhütte, the youngest town in Altmark

Tangerhütte is located in the district of Stendal, north of Magdeburg and south of Stendal. In the north, the Süppling and the Tangerhütter Forst are right on the doorstep. To the west is the Colbitz-Letzlinger Heath and to the east the Elbauen landscape. Paths and footbridges cross a huge natural area, excellent for cycling and hiking. The sandy-dry soil of the Geest in Tangerhütte's surroundings is particularly well suited for growing a delicacy, asparagus. From the end of April until St. John's Day in June, it can be purchased freshly harvested and enjoyed in many delicious variations in numerous restaurants in the Altmark. The city offers one of the most beautiful parks in the Altmark with its city park. The 12-hectare site was laid out in 1872 by Franz Wagenführ in the English and French garden style and is famous not least for its world-famous cast-iron pavilion, which was awarded a gold medal at the Paris World's Fair in 1889. Other cultural attractions in the city include the Ship in a Bottle Museum and the New Castle.

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