Sustainable support for the regional economy

Sustainable shopping is also gaining importance again in our Altmark region. We are happy to support the local economy, especially since our region is traditionally very strongly influenced by agriculture and almost everyone knows one or more farmers personally. The Altmarkers appreciate their regional products and direct marketers, such as the numerous farmers' and weekly markets and farm shops.

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More information about regional shopping

You can buy various products from cereals to meat directly from the producer at numerous farms. An overview of these direct marketers throughout the Altmark region can be found here. You will find many milk filling stations where you can buy fresh milk from pasture-grazed cows directly from the producer, especially in the eastern Altmark. You can find milk filling stations in your area here, for example. 

Even in the Altmark it is difficult for small, owner-managed businesses to survive alongside discounters and online trading. The regional online marketplace"Hallo Altmark" was created to strengthen regional providers and provide them with a platform. You can find regional suppliers in all larger towns, order products online and then pick them up yourself at the location.

In cooperation with various partners, the EINE WELT Netzwerk Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. has produced the "bio regional fair" sustainable shopping guide for various cities in Saxony-Anhalt in recent years. In the Altmark, the shopping guides for the Stendal and Altmarkkreis Salzwedel districts provide information about the sustainable "bio regional fair" concept and present specific alternative trade options in the region. 

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