Children are standing at the bus stop and waiting for the bus in the morning sun. They don't have their own car yet and anyone who doesn't travel with their parents uses the school bus. It's rush hour in the morning. Not only is the commuter traffic on the road, several school buses are picking up children from the villages and small towns every few minutes and driving them to school. The buses run rather rarely during the day. The town of Osterburg has therefore come up with something for the surrounding villages, especially for pensioners who no longer drive a car themselves: the citizens' bus. It has its own separate bus route that has been adapted to demand. It is mainly pensioners who volunteer as bus drivers for the small citizens' bus and drive people from the villages to the town and back again.

But there is also the "normal" bus travel in the towns, both regional and national. As an alternative to the train, there is a bus route between Salzwedel and Wolfsburg for commuters who work at VW, for example. Another special feature in the Altmark region is the dial-a-bus. As the name suggests, this only comes on call. Environmentally damaging empty runs can be avoided as a result. After a short call to the bus company, you and your passengers will be collected at the requested stop. So the bus companies provide a connection to the route network even in small towns. These kinds of concepts enable mobility for the countryside and its population.

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More information about bus routes, timetables and prices can be obtained from the bus companies:


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