[Translate to En:] Wandern in der Altmark

Happiness is a day spent hiking

The Altmark's small hiking towns – the climatic health resort Arendsee, Gardelegen on the edge of the Colbitz-Letzlinger Heath, Schollene in the Schollener Land, Kalbe in the Milde lowlands, Jemmeritz, Kläden, Klietz, the Klötze resort in Altmark's Switzerland, Kunrau in the Naturpark Drömling, Seehausen, Storkau or Buch in the Elbe floodplains – are places that are completely dedicated to hiking and have attractive hiking trails.

All together they offer the hiking enthusiast almost 700 kilometres of hiking trails. The hiking towns work strictly according to the German Hiking Association's quality criteria. The majority of the trails are well signposted or marked, there are hiking-friendly hotels, bed and breakfast establishments and private rentals, and your hunger and thirst can also be satisfied along the way.

All the towns also have hiking bases where the hiker can obtain all the information about the network of hiking trails, including maps. And you can also hire hiking guides, if required.

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Here you will find selected hikes