Action-packed and full of adventure – your free time in the Altmark

The Altmark offers a variety of leisure activities. Whether it's in a group or on your own, you can enjoy time outdoors in nature here. In addition to the many sporting events, there are countless great leisure activities as well as castles and museums to be discovered.

Saturday morning, the sun is shining in through the window. The air is clear and fresh – time to go running! Simply start running as a recreational and amateur runner and enjoy the variety of unspoilt nature – not just wishful thinking in the Altmark. Ambitious runners can also participate in many regional running events that are part of the Elbe-Ohre-Cup series. The Elbdeichmarathon brings together thousands of people interested in running every year. It is the running event in the Altmark and welcomes new participants from all over the world. Like-minded people sharing experiences is very important here. In addition to running, you can also accompany your friends or family with many leisure activities. How about a game of football? Standing on the edge of the field, cheering the team on and celebrating when the home team has scored a goal – you can do this at Lok Stendal e.V. or SV Eintracht Salzwedel 09 e.V., among others. Learning to ride a horse, giving the children a holiday on a horse farm or spending a riding holiday together as a family and discovering nature at its most attractive is also possible in the Altmark, for example in Buch. Rare animal species such as the Elbe beaver or with a little luck even the osprey can be observed during a nice walk through forests or meadows.

Or are you more interested in art and culture? Then you can explore the diverse museum landscape in the Altmark, discover castles, palaces and garden dreams or attend a performance at the theatre. Numerous musical events are also held here regularly, for example the Altmark Festival, where you can listen to concerts at very special locations. Whether it's an old church, castle ruins or factory hall, anything can be turned into a concert hall. Afterwards you can end the day with a delicious dinner in one of the many restaurants.