Hanseatic City of Tangermünde

Medieval imperial city on the Tangier and Elbe rivers

A stork flies through the medieval old town barely two meters above our heads. Could he be bringing the babies here after all? The old town is full of stories: The pig's ear as a culinary delicacy is said to have been discovered in Tangermünde at the time of Emperor Charles IV. Theodor Fontane tells the story of the young woman who today stands in bronze in front of the Gothic town hall: Margarete von Minden, known as Grete Minde. Two centuries after her death by fire, the miscarriage of justice was recognized. And did you know that the Hohenzollerns from Gnatz finally moved their residence from Tangermünde to Cölln, i.e. today's Berlin, over the beer tax dispute with the towns of Altmark?

Guest favorite 2020 comes from Tangermünde

One of three regional winners of the nationwide competition GÄSTELIEBLING is the Café & Pension JL in Tangermünde: the corresponding presentation of the certificate took place on 26.08.2020 to the pension owner Jaqueline Lange.

The mayor of the city of Tangermünde, Mr. Pyrdok as well as Ramona Wolf, tourism manager at the Altmärkische Regional Marketing and Tourism Association, now took the opportunity to personally hand over the certificate after the Corona-related restrictions.

Against the positive background of a meanwhile again successful vacation season the handing over by Mr. Pyrdok to the GÄSTELIEBLING of his city took place with the words: »I am pleased about this honor and the associated positive attention of the guests for our emperor and Hanseatic city«.

What reminds of the Hanseatic League in Tangermünde?

The Swedes destroyed the castle during the Thirty Years' War. However, buildings from the 14th century are still part of the original stock, such as the chapter tower, the prison tower and the dance house called "alte Kanzley". During the heyday of the Hanseatic League, the city wall, which still exists today, was built around the old town. Particularly impressive on the Elbe side, the magnificent city towers were also built in the style of North German brick Gothic, and last but not least, an architectural showpiece of the time: the Gothic town hall. During this time, St. Stephen's also underwent reconstruction into a Gothic hall church.  The Scherer organ is one of the ten most valuable historical organs in Europe. St. Nicolai's Church, today's "Zecherei St. Nicolai", dates back to the 12th century. The Salt Church, the former Elisabeth Chapel, serves as a gallery and event venue.

Tangermuende Rathaus

What else is there to see in the old Hanseatic city?

After the fire of 1617 and the devastation of the Thirty Years' War, the town slowly recovered in the 17th century. You can see this wonderfully in the streetscape of Kirchstraße, which is dominated by half-timbered houses from this period. The oldest residential building in the city is located on the castle square and houses the castle museum. The old Hanseatic city offers its visitors 130 monuments in the old town! And don't forget to bring time with you. In Tangermünde it is wonderful to stroll and go shopping in one of the many lovely shops.

Innenstadt von Tangermünde

Tangermünde - the most beautiful small town in Germany 2019

Tangermünde is officially the most beautiful small town in Germany 2019 after the vote of the portal "Travelbook".

From a total of 20 participants, including, for example, Heringsdorf, Lindau or Quedlingburg, it was Tangermünde that took first place in the end.

In its announcement of the title win, the city of Tangermünde stated:

"As diverse as the word "beautiful" are the qualities that make Tangermünde:
1. the most valuable thing of our small town are the people who love and appreciate us.
2. our eventful past makes us what we are today. The imperial and Hanseatic city of Tangermünde with numerous well-preserved and significant witnesses of history.
3. the unique location of Tangermünde on the Elbe and the Tangier with its appealing flora and diverse fauna, especially its faithful guests, the storks.


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