Drömling Biosphere Reserve

Drömling Biosphere Reserve

The Drömling Biosphere Reserve  covers an area of 385 square kilometers. The Drömling is located on the eastern border of Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony. Since 2019 it belongs to the biosphere reserves.


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Drömling Biosphere Reserve Saxony-Anhalt

Bahnhofsstraße 32 I 39646 Oebisfelde-Weferlingen


E-Mail: poststelle(at)droemling.mule.sachsen-anhalt.de


In the past, the Drömling was a sparsely populated marshland. Today, the core zone, where any economic use is prohibited, consists of alder marsh and alder-ash forests, wet meadows and water oases. 

The maintenance zone with wide green areas occupies 37% of the area. 59% of the Drömling is development zone and thus living, economic and recreational space for us humans. 

The area of the Drömling is crisscrossed with thousands of ditches. There are a total of 243 dams and up to 40 kilotometers of watercourses per square kilometer. This provides particularly valuable habitats for the protection of species and biotopes. 

At the Drömling Information Center in Oebisfelde you will find all important information. With certified nature and landscape guides (ZNL) they can experience the Drömling in all its diversity.

Since 2019, the »Drömlingsfest« has taken place once a year, which is seen as a cross-border regional festival.