The Prussian von Katte noble family lived here for centuries.

East of Tangermünde, on the other side of the Elbe, lies the village of Wust. The Prussian von Katte noble family lived here for centuries and was first mentioned here in 1376. The family owned numerous manors in the area, resulting in the area between the Elbe and Havel rivers also being called "Kattenwinkel". 

One stop on the northern route of the "Romanesque Road” is in Wust. The church is a large four-part church building from around 1200 with a flat-roofed nave and has a coffered ceiling painted in the Flemish style and a baroque altar. The Kattesche family crypt adjoins in its apse. Among the magnificent sarcophagi is also the simple wooden coffin belonging to Hans Hermann von Katte, who was beheaded in Küstrin in 1730 after the failed escape attempt of the Prussian Crown Prince Friedrich. Fontane also stood by him and recorded his experiences in Wust and Küstrin in his "Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg".

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